Long Night's Journey Into Day. The Death
March of Lowicz.
Dieses Buch ist
in englischer Sprache geschrieben!!!

Erhard Wittek:

Long Night's Journey
Into Day

The Death March of Lowicz

Translation and exclusive English edition by The Scriptorium! You will not find this book anywhere else in the world.

This book from 1940 is the story of a survivor of the Death March of Lowicz. Reinhold Wittek's report stands symbolically for the experiences of any and all of the many thousands of ethnic German victims of Polish persecution before and at the beginning of WW2 and is no doubt one of the most moving accounts ever written about this subject. What you will see in these pages are not only the unfathomable depths that human beings can sink to, but also composure and greatness of soul in the face of a fate worse than death.


(78 pages, 14 x 21,5 cm, stapled booklet format.)