Death in Poland: The Fate of the Ethnic 
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Edwin Erich Dwinger:

Death in Poland

The Fate of the Ethnic Germans in September 1939

Translation and exclusive reprint edition by The Scriptorium!

The deportation and expulsion and the mass murder of the ethnic Germans before and at the beginning of World War Two in Poland was by no means confined to the "Bloody Sunday of Bromberg", a massacre that is all too often downplayed or even denied outright today. Acts of incomprehensible brutality were directed against the civilian ethnic Germans in countless Polish cities, towns and villages and constitute a hushed-up tragedy that is supposed to remain under the carpet where it has been swept because its victims are not deemed politically correct.

This book from 1940, translated by The Scriptorium and published in 2004 for the first time in English to commemorate the 65th anniversary of these events, lets the reader experience almost first-hand the terrible fate of tens of thousands of ethnic Germans in Poland in September 1939. Many of them were women, children, the elderly - their common "crime" was that they were Germans.


(155 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm, softcover, illustrations.)