With Rommel in the Desert
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No episode in desert warfare, from the wars of the pharaohs to Desert Storm, can match the 1942-1943 North African campaign for drama and romance. And its undisputed hero, even for his British enemies, was German commander Erwin Rommel.

For nearly two years, outnumbered and undersupplied, General Rommel led the German forces of his celebrated Afrika Korps to one brilliant victory after another, until the balance of men and materiel (and the British and American ability to intercept and read his secret battle plans) overwhelmed the chivalrous "Desert Fox".

Heinz Werner Schmidt, Rommel's aide-de-camp, served at his commander's side from his first victories at El Agheila and Abedabia, in triumph at Tobruk and defeat before El Alamein, until the combined forces of Eisenhower and Montgomery overpowered the Afrika Korps at Tunis. His objective, detailed account of Rommel's desert campaign, written with dry humor and warm human sympathy for the soldiers of all sides, is a military classic.

Schmidt's With Rommel in the Desert dispenses with the larger-than-life Rommel of propaganda and legend to give us Rommel the officer and Rommel the man, confronting and meeting the challenges of a new kind of warfare in a unique and unforgiving environment. Schmidt puts his reader at Rommel's side, bending over the map in the Desert Fox's command tent, planning his next thrust at Tobruk or El Alamein, anticipating the next onslaught of British or American tanks and infantry.

But With Rommel in the Desert is much more than a history of the North Africa campaign told from the vantage point of Rommel's command post. Schmidt takes the reader bounding across the Libyan desert in a Panzer outside Tobruk, dining on camel liver or fresh-shot gazelle in the wilds of the Libyan desert, dodging rifle bullets or tank shells in dozens of engagements from Egypt to Tunisia. Its combination of strategic overview and combat excitement make With Rommel in the Desert unique among histories of the North African campaign.

With Rommel in the Desert is an important, first-person contribution to the history of an episode in modern warfare that will live on as long as heroism and chivalry in battle are honored.

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(240 pages, 16.5 x 24 cm, hardcover with dust jacket, some b/w photos.)