The Case for Germany: A Study of Modern Germany, by Dr. Arthur P. Laurie. Scriptorium's own exclusive reprint of a rare 1939 treatise! In this book the author, a Scottish scholar, gives his view of National-Socialist Germany that he developed during his time inside Hitler's Third Reich. This book gives an insightful overview of National Socialism and of the domestic and foreign-political state of Germany less than 100 days before the outbreak of World War Two. Text is in English!
Czecho-Slovakia Within, by Bertram de Colonna. Scriptorium's own exclusive reprint of a rare 1938 treatise! In this study the author traces the origins and development of the minority problems in the multi-ethnic state of Czecho-Slovakia, whose central leadership was characterized by breaches of treaty obligations and by intolerance of its non-Czech minorities: two factors that created ever-increasing friction in the already unstable state construct. The author proposes what might have been a peaceful solution – if it had not fallen on deaf ears in Prague. Text is in English!